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About Dr. Hellen

Dr. Greenblatt was awarded a dual PhD in Microbiology [the study of microscopic organisms] and Immunology [the study of the immune system] from the State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn N.Y. (This school, founded before the Brooklyn Bridge was built, was started as a small charitable medical service and was revolutionary in taking medicine out of the lecture halls and bringing it directly to the patient. It is still one of the nation’s leading urban medical centers and had a Nobel Prize laureate as a member of its faculty.)

A recipient of the Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Hellen has conducted research in viruses, bacteria and parasites.  Dr. Greenblatt has lectured to health practitioners and the lay public at major medical centers in the States and worldwide. She was one of the few U.S.A.-based scientists to receive extended funding from the World Health Organization (WHO). Dr. Hellen has also been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) for the study of the immune system.

Dr. Hellen has held research and management positions such as Chief Science Officer, Director, President, and Vice President for a variety of biomedical companies. Her research teams have been responsible for pioneering the development of diagnostic tests for detecting HIV and other infections including in mothers and newborns. Many of these assays are used today throughout the clinical world.

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