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Notes of Appreciation

I was introduced to Dr. Hellen through a friend when I had been diagnosed with a serious condition.  Because of my medication, my gut and immune system were severely compromised in addition. 

 I left a message for Dr. Hellen, and to my surprise, she called and spent a lot of time talking with me.  I feel so privileged and blessed that this doctor, who has never met me in person, cared and continues to care about me and how I am doing. 

 Following her suggestions, my white and red blood cell counts and neutrophils are amazing.  I’m so grateful to Dr. Hellen for caring, and playing a huge part in my journey to better health.

Michelle K
Canton, GA 

I just wanted you to know that I will never forget you. You saved my life and I will forever hold you in a special place in my heart.

Juliet P
Corpus Christi, TX

I so very much appreciate the concern that Dr. Hellen has shown me after my diagnosis. Her guidance has been invaluable and has made a major difference in my quality of life. I respect her and thank her soooo much. I thank her for caring about me, a person she has never met.

Michelle K

Athens, GA

When someone is struggling with their health, I do not know of any other person, other than Dr. Hellen, that will pick up the phone and give a usable and quick response to a personal problem.  When I was first introduced to Dr. Hellen, I was tired all the time, I had a burning sensation below my ankles, and I had pain that traveled, depending on the day, from my neck to my legs.  Now years later I have energy, have not felt that burning, my pains are gone, and feel great. Dr. Hellen is so knowledgeable about all different types of immune problems, and truly cares about helping people. I’ve  sent my friends to Dr. Hellen, and she has helped them too.

Dora A.
Byron Center, MI

I started experiencing paralysis from my waist to my toes about 2002. I told my primary care physician about it and he blew it off. He had that deer- in- the- headlights look! The paralysis problem was a big deal. It stopped me in my tracks and scared the …out of me ! In addition, my hands and feet were becoming numb and I could not keep my balance. Simply put, I was NOT growing old gracefully.

In 2009 I was diagnosed with a rare disease, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP). This is an autoimmune disease in which the body destroys the myelin sheath which acts as insulation around nerve cells. I was having an awful time of it. It hurt to move and every few months, I underwent the standard medically approved treatment of intravenous immunoglobulin (antibody) infusions (IVIg) at the tune of $10,000.00 per infusion, but I was cautioned that since I had previously had heart problems, that this treatment might cause more problems in the future.

I went to a lot of doctors, but none warned me about the level of pain I was going to experience. I began experiencing NON-STOP pain like I’ve never experienced in my life before! ! I have a high tolerance for pain, but sometimes when I was alone, I screamed at the top of my lungs because the pain was so excruciating. I was in pain like I never experienced before.

I spent untold hours on the Internet searching alternative approaches. A co-worker told my wife about how caring and knowledgeable Dr. Hellen was, and even though I was highly skeptical, I contacted her, because I figured that I had nothing to lose.

She talked and taught me at length, and I have experienced major differences in my quality of life.First it was one day that I felt more comfortable than formerly,then one night, then two, then three nights of greater relief. I have been able to decrease some of my medications, and I am able to look up into the sky at my beloved planes (I am a private plane pilot)., whereas that movement was almost impossible earlier. Also, now I can go about without a cane some of the time (I am only in my 50’s!).

I credit Dr. Hellen for helping me. Unlike so many others that I saw, I feel that she felt my pain, cared, and went more than the extra mile to try to do what she could for me. Thank you Dr. Helen… thank you, I really mean THANK YOU MY FRIEND, you have helped give me a second chance!

Tom A.
Lancaster, PA

Dr. Hellen is a remarkable person. A well-recognized scientist, an immunologist and microbiologist, wow! Yet when speaking with her, one feels so comfortable. She is truly a people person. Her caring shows so easily. Always approachable, accessible, ready to help. So very humble and selfless.

I am so much more enlightened about matters of health and wellness because of the endless number of times she was willing to patiently answer my questions.

Many, many times I have asked her to call someone with some serious health issue to talk with them about their concerns. Dr. Hellen has always responded promptly. Why does she do it? I am convinced it is her love for people.

Dr. H, you must be a happy person because you give so much.

About 2000 years ago a very wise man said, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”

Thank you Dr. Hellen. Those who have truly come to know you through the years cannot do otherwise but love you.

Kenyon B.
Santa Fe, NM

For over 12 years, I have enjoyed good health and I feel that Dr. Hellen deserves much of the credit. She generously shared her wisdom, knowledge, and was always encouraging. When I first heard about her, I suffered from many ailments including repeated colds and flu, allergies and sensitivities to chemicals, stiff joints, and travel-related illnesses. She launched me onto a path of wellness and vitality that I had not even dreamed possible. I had been so skeptical and because Dr. Hellen knew that I could enjoy a better life, she never gave up on me. Every day I am thankful for Dr. Hellen’s skill, expertise, and compassion. I highly recommend that you seek out and follow Dr. Hellen’s guidance. You will never regret it.

LeeAnn B.
Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Hellen, thank you for all that you have done for me, and for this planet. I feel so blessed to know you and thank you dearly.

Ricky B.
North Miami Beach Fl

Tommy, is a loving, bright, and active 9 year old, but he has a lot of problems focusing and paying attention at school, and at home. I contacted Dr. Hellen and followed up with some of her simple recommendations. Tommy began to get better reports from school. His teachers were so pleased and impressed by how he was doing, that they asked us what we were doing differently. Tommy is doing so well now and we really appreciate her expertise. Dr. Hellen is the kind of person that really cares and goes out of her way to help others.

Laura C.
Greensville, SC

When my doctor told me I had aggressive breast cancer I was shocked. And the way they treated me after the diagnosis did not make me feel any better, since I realized I was just another statistic. As I looked at the 30 or more people in her clinic, everyone plugged into that nasty toxic drug, I understood why. The doctor’s prescription was eight bouts of chemo, followed by a mastectomy, and then 25 radiation treatments over a period of 10 months. The time of treatment would longer if my body could not rebuild itself every 21 days so that chemo could be administered again.

All this would take a minimum of 10 months, only if my body would rebuild itself every 21 days to receive the chemo treatments again. My only hope to be able to complete the treatments on time came from Dr. Hellen. She called me twice each week and sent frequent emails filled with recommendations as to what I might do to increase my energy and feel better. She encouraged me with kind, sympathetic remarks.

I am pleased to report that following through on Dr. Hellen’s suggestions, I did not miss a session, and I had the energy I needed. I was able to care for myself by preparing my own meals, and traveling to my appointments on the bus & subway–even on my chemo treatment days. Even during the cold winter months, I walked two miles a day and despite going into the supermarket and other busy establishments, I never came down with a bad cold.

My treatments were over two years ago, and to date, unlike others in my group that survived, no medications have been prescribed after my initial treatments.

Thanks to Dr. Hellen for her compassion, passion, and kindness in sharing her expertise and for caring so much. She will indeed always be my angel and have a special place in my life. I hope G-d blesses her to continue to be there for others.

Teresa C.
Toronto. Ontario Canada

Dr. Hellen has been advising us for many years on how to maintain the health of our family, and we have been pleased with the outcomes. Parents are always asking me what my 13 year old daughter Marie is doing differently, because she rarely misses any school, even during the winter months, when so many kids are out.

But what is really cool, is that Marie is passionate about soccer, and has been following Dr. Hellen’s recommendations for athletes as well. Marie is the team’s top goalie and is considered their MVP player. Her trainer says he is blown away by her “cat-like” reflexes. We have even had college recruiters mistakenly thinking she is a high school student and ask when they can sign her up for college play!

A few months ago Marie lost her favorite aunt and her grades started falling. She acted as if she just didn’t care anymore. It began to be reflected in her field performance as well. Her coach and I kept asking her what the problem was, and she would just shrug her shoulders.

I realized after a few weeks that her change in attitude happened at the same time that we stopped following some of Dr. Hellen’s recommendations. We started Marie back on track, and within a few days she was her old self again. Now we have our happy soccer player back. Thank you Dr. Hellen for caring and understanding.

Cynthia E.
Newton, IL

Dr Hellen Greenblatt is a confection of compassion, learning, and woman of action. Dr Hellen is genuine. She will explain what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. Her guidance is based on what will be the best of choices and outcomes possible. Her learning is only second for her compassion and humanity. No one is ever turned away. Her arms are always outstretched and ready to receive any one in need. I have been most fortunate to know her and hope you will have that privilege too.

David F.
Brooklyn, NY

For too many years I experienced pain in my knees and ankles going up and down to the basement, especially when carrying heavy items—I just attributed it all to aging. I talked to many of my friends and finally heard about Dr. Hellen Greenblatt. I contacted her and she impressed me by her willingness to explain in layman terms what was happening with my immune system, etc. Dr. Hellen spent a great deal of time with me on the phone. Her suggestions were so simple I was skeptical, but I figured what do I have to lose, so I tried them.

I was really amazed that after only two weeks of following her suggestions, I could carry even heavier items such as shelving, and computers, up and down the steps almost effortlessly. It has now has been a couple of years since I have had any knee/ankle aches or pains to worry about as long as I continue to follow her advice.

Dr. Hellen’s willingness to help me on a one-to-one basis, her “I-care-about-you” attitude, and her expertise in helping me feel many years younger, I am 68 years of age, deserves my heartfelt gratitude. Joy in living has returned, and I am thankful to her.

Ed F.
Vineland, NJ

I am a 78-year female owner of a lovely hotel and restaurant on the Delaware Bay. I remained active and enjoyed my life style. Over these years however, the pain in my hands and legs made it increasingly difficult to manage my business. Despite the medications I was on, walking from table to table was a challenge, and prep work was hard and uncomfortable. I seriously considered selling my business.

At wit’s end, I consulted with Dr. Hellen and she made several recommendations, which I fortunately followed. Before her suggestions, my pain level was greater than 10. Now my discomfort levelis about a four to five, and some days, it is down to a three. I actually enjoy my work again, and I am even more glad to see my guests. I am thankful that she was available to listen and help me, and I have suggested to some of my friends that they contact her as well.

Shirley F.
Delaware Bay Area

Dr. Hellen is terrific! She is always there when I have a question on medical issues and gives me straight, honest answers, backed by science. When I had heart surgery, she suggested approaches to get me healthy and avoid infections that tend to be a major problem in hospitals. Dr. Hellen helped me improve my energy and stamina after surgery, and continues to suggest ways I can help my arthritis. I can vouch that she is a true professional and never disappoints.

Dorothy G.
Northfield, VT

Just a quick note to tell you that words cannot express how much I admire, honor and respect you. What a gift [we have]…in you! Thank you for your commitment, sacrifice, and dedication. Your sincere caring for people is so obvious.

Mary G.
Metuchen, NJ

I am a 69 year old male, overweight, type2 diabetic (long time), and a not too physical challenging of an occupation, I deliver truck parts driving a pickup truck. When I sold my business in 2000, I was in terrible shape, as my weight had gone as high as 285 lbs. and being 5’8″ tall, it was getting very difficult to operate a self-employed business. I also had frequent bouts with colds, aching knees and hips and allergies. I took medication for diabetes as well.

When I-was introduced to Dr. Hellen in 2002, I was sure that my time on this earth was not going to be too long. Within only a few weeks after following her simple suggestions my knees felt better, and I had a better inner feeling about myself.

Several more weeks later my hips were working pretty well. My wife was astonished when I suggested going to Atlantic City to walk the boardwalk. That day we walked long distances between casinos and neither of us could believe what I had just accomplished.

Recently, I went to a neurologist, and he told me that I was free of any diabetic neuropathy—he was just amazed and said, “he had never seen anything like this before”.

I am thoroughly convinced that Dr. Hellen’s recommendations and support are the reason I am still breathing. I believe that Dr. Hellen has given me additional, and active, years.

God bless and take care of her.

Fred G.
Millsboro, DE

My weight has always been a difficult problem for me to overcome. With Dr. Hellen’s help and oversight, I have shed 45 pounds, and I am working on getting another 10 lbs off. Dr. Hellen outlined an easy exercise program for me to follow (and I don’t like exercise!) and made some dietary suggestions so that I would lose the weight gradually, and it worked.

I cannot begin to tell everyone just how many times Dr. Hellen has been there for my family and me. She is my guardian angel and I  feel as if she is a member of my family. Having someone who cares as she does, with her knowledge and non-judgmental ways,  makes change easier which makes it more likely to succeed in the goals one has for their health.

William H.
Syracuse, NY

Dr. Hellen, I cannot thank you enough for your common sense and professional guidance. After the stroke my husband suffered, he could only walk to the mailbox with the tinest of baby steps. He also found it almost impossible to write his name. Now after following through with your suggestions, last week, I found him cleaning up in the garage. Then in the gym yesterday, with very little support, he actually walked 10 laps at a decent pace. Also, after the nurse’s visit this week, he signed his name on a medical form. The changes are very dramatic and we are excited. Thank you, thank you.

Kay H.
Kansas City, KS

Over the years Dr Hellen has helped our family with a mirage of health problems including multiple sclerosis and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Her knowledge and unending compassion have helped us through some very difficult times. She was always there to advise our family with our autoimmune diseases, as well as my husband’s congestive heart failure issues.

Dr Hellen has truly helped us have a better quality of life. She is a very down-to-earth person, whom God has given the most wonderful mind, coupled with her love of her fellow human beings. Dr. Hellen is a once-in-a- lifetime individual. Follow her advice, as she can probably help you too.

Margaret K.
Sinking Spring Pa.

I am a busy chiropractic physician. I know that Dr. Hellen’s suggestions work, because of spectacular results with energy, my joints, and my weight. Whenever I need help with patients to improve their health even more, and I do not have the time to explain it to them properly, Dr. Hellen always comes through for me. Other physicians should know that using Dr. Hellen as a resource is a win-win situation. Partner with her, and your patients’ outcomes will be even more impressive.

Dr. Arlene L.
Lancaster, PA

I am a single, disabled male with many health issues. Most health practitioners have told me that my only options were medication or surgery. Dr. Hellen is unique. Over the last three years, not only has she always been there for me, but also she has made helpful and simple suggestions that have helped me make major changes in my life. I am feeling fairly well now, and I am grateful for her thoughtful compassion and concern in helping me get to this point. Thank you Dr. Hellen.

Bob L.
Kansas City, MO

Just a note to thank you for being there for me!  Good news is that because of your support,  I have lost a total of 25 lbs.  I am using your walking regimen and  cutting back drastically on my portion sizes.  You were right, I was eating the right way, but way too much!  I have about 30 more pounds to go, but I am down three pant sizes!. Hugs to you, and thanks!

Carol L.
Rome, GA

There’s a website still out there that refers to Dr. Hellen as “A Scientist With A Heart”. I think that pretty well fits her, because she returns my phone calls promptly, and does not seem to be in a hurry to get off the phone until she answers my question to my complete understanding.   I have called her 5 or 6
times over the years and I am always met with the same warm response.  She’s great, and she cares.

Peter L.
Rochester, NY

I suffered from vitiligo (loss of pigment) around my eyes for more than 30 years. The dermatologist couldn’t help me. Then while working in cardiovascular research for a pharmaceutical company, the discoloration became more noticeable and started to spread. I thought perhaps the problem was due to the radioactive isotopes I was using.

I went to two other dermatologists and tried their ointments and medications but there was no improvement. Finally, the last Western medicine physician I went to told me that there was no cure for my problem.

I gave up on Western medicine, and for 10 years I tried Chinese medicines recommended by relatives and friends. The best result I got was to stop it from spreading any more.

I found and consulted with Dr. Greenblatt and she pointed out that vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder and that my own immune system was malfunctioning and attacking my healthy skin tissue. She made a number of recommendations to help my body reduce its levels of inflammation. I admit that as a scientist, I am by nature skeptical, but as I was frustrated with my condition, I followed up on her common-sense suggestions.

About six months later, my boss asked if he could ask me a personal question. It turned out his sister-in-law had a similar problem on half of her face, it was spreading, and she had not had any success getting rid of her condition either.

That is when I realized that my normal pigmentation had returned and I no longer had a problem. I of course shared my information with his sister-in-law, and others, and she is doing fairly well.

Thank you, Dr. Hellen for changing my life and the lives of so many people in ways that you do not even know.

Manny L.
Palo Alto, CA

Thank you Dr Hellen for your compassion and availability. You send a powerful message that you really care about people.

Vince M.
St. Augustine, FL

Ten years ago I was physically and mentally stressed, a wife, a mother of two young sons, and business owner. Then I found out about Dr Hellen, who has since been a stable source of support, knowledge, and compassion for me, my family, and for the many others to whom I have introduced her.

When I, my sons, and husband, struggled with weight and other health issues, she was there to encourage us and make recommendations on what simple life changes could be made to improve our quality of life. She also helped me understand the results of medical tests so I could ask appropriate questions of the doctors.

When Michael, my youngest son and a US Marine, was injured and hospitalized, Dr Hellen was there to provide support and understanding. It was because of Dr. Hellen’s recommendations that Michael recovered more rapidly than was expected. Because of Dr. Hellen’s input and questioning mind, we felt as if we were participants in Michael’s healing, rather than just passively sitting by letting third parties control all of our decisions.

When my eldest son struggled many years with chronic health and emotional issues,  Dr Hellen was there consistently to support, offer understanding, and make suggestions to improve his quality of life. He is now a thriving, energetic young man who lives life to the fullest.

Through her personal coaching, our family life has been greatly enhanced. The health and quality of life of each family member is so much better. I’m no longer stressed out and now have the energy and
encouragement to stretch out, and live life the way that I deserve.

I have watched Dr Hellen working tirelessly with people; she is always willing and consistently available to help individuals in any way that she can.

I appreciate and respect Dr Hellen Greenblatt for her  professionalism, scientific knowledge, and ability to provide and support her clients in an  accurate and factual way, yet with friendly compassion.

Because she really cares, if you, a friend, or a family member, have  tried traditional approaches and not seen dramatic differences in how you feel,  asking Dr. Hellen for her assistance is possibly one of the best steps you can  take to really see changes.

Thelma N.
Waco, TX

Thank you again,…, for giving me added years to my life, for calling me, and for being a wonderful human being. You are helping mankind, and have given this world …a much needed door to healing…I thank G-d to be able to do what I am doing…May G-d bless you and all your work.

Lana P.
Macomb, MI

I am very much indebted to Dr. Hellen for going out of her way to help me towards recovery. Before I spoke with her, I had a serious weight problem, and my joint discomfort, on a 1-10 scale (with 10 being bad), was a 10+. None of the medications, or physicians I visited really made a difference; I hurt all the time and seriously thought about ending it all.  It took me only about 3 weeks to start to see a major difference. I used to be in pain all the time, and now I no longer wake up so uncomfortable.

Even though I worked in a healthfood store for many years, because of Dr. Hellen, I now have a better understanding of what is going on in my body, which helps me make needed changes. Now I only need my walker some of the time. Also the lumps on the backs of my hands are going down in size, and one is almost all gone. My calves were swollen and now they are not as bad. I have a lot more energy which is great, and I am more active than I was.

Considering where I was before, I am feeling pretty well (somewhere around 4-5) and look forward to my discussions with Dr. Hellen. Not only has she helped make a difference in my physical well-being, but I very much appreciate her helping me change how I feel emotionally. Dr. Hellen is marvelous, and I am thankful that she helps me–she really cares. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Mary P.
Stockton, NJ

I am so thankful for Dr. Hellen. I’ve been in such poor health since December after a surgery, and her help has been the best, most invaluable for my recovery! I don’t know what I’d do without her wonderful insight and help. My condition would be much worse right now if not for her! Thank God for Dr. Greenblatt. May she live long and be healthy and happy!

Anthony P.
Berkeley, CA.

How does one thank someone for their life? I was ill for over 12 years, but today I am living a healthy life, I feel great, and I am so grateful for every day I get to live. You taught me many years ago, in a way I could understand, about my immune system. How the immune system relates to both the mind and body, and the steps I needed to take to balance my immune system.

For that education and compassionate caring, I will be forever grateful to you since I was able to heal and better defend myself against disease. Today, at the age of 68, I want to say “thank you” from the bottom of a grateful heart. Your commitment to helping people improve their lives has not gone unnoticed.

Mandy R
Altadena, CA

Three women have influenced my health through my 75 years. One person is my dear mother who is 96 years of age and has hopefully passed her longevity genes to me. Another instrumental woman was my wife, Anne, who took hold of my diet 20 years ago and pumped me with all things good. She has been an important support to me all these years.

The third woman who has done so much for me, and my wife Anne, is Dr. Hellen Greenblatt. I met her over eight years ago. It was through her guidance that we became aware of the workings of the immune system and the effects of inflammation on joint health.

Anne and I work a small farm with livestock. Prior to talking to Dr. Hellen, I was in the chiropractor’s office at least monthly, sometimes daily, when I was hurting. It is 8 years that I have not been to a chiropractor. Also, in years past, I suffered from copious amounts of mucus and the need to constantly clear my throat. The mucus is no longer an issue.

Neither Anne nor I are on prescribed medications, which is evidently different from most others. About three years ago, I went in for cataract surgery and during pre-op, I was questioned as to the different medications that I was taking. When I said “none” the nurse questioned me repeatedly to be “sure that I was not taking medications”. She finally sent a physician to my room to personally question me. I guess they found it hard to believe that “a person of my age” is not on prescribed medications.

Anne likes to tell people, that on my last physical report, the doctor wrote, “come back and see us in 10 years.”

Thank you Dr. Hellen for all you have done for so many people. We have truly been blessed to have you in our lives.

Ike R.
Independence, MO

I thank you for the great job you did in explaining about inflammation to me,the immune system, and the need for me to modulate or bring balance for diseases such as my own autoimmune atrophic gastritis (and all the other diseases ending “itis”). It explains a lot. Your sincerity is evident and doctors and others can feel confident that you are there to bring better health to people. I am going to share your thoughts with some of my doctors.

Carol S.

I am so thankful for having met Dr. Hellen over 12 years ago. I turned 58 years 2 months ago and I feel like I am in my 40’s. I have not needed a doctor for more than 4 years. I have so many stories to tell about how Dr. Hellen has helped me and my family, that I do not even know where to start.

Over the last 45 years I have had at least 7 major skiing accidents resulting in broken legs and arms. When I was 30, my physician told me “that by the time you are 50, you will be on crutches”.

Thanks to Dr. Hellen and her suggestions, I have proven him wrong. For example, two years ago I had a elbow surgery. Following Dr. Hellen’s recommendations I was able to move my elbow after only 4 weeks.

Now I rarely get sick, and I feel, and look, fantastic! Dr. Hellen, thanks for being there when people need you.

Ray T.
Ramsey, IL

In March 2020, during the outbreak, I was doing VERY poorly.  I really thought that I would not make it. Thankfully, my friends directed me to Dr Hellen.  I am well now, and I am so grateful to her for all her assistance. I truly believe that I would not have survived without Dr.Hellen’s compassion for me. I am forever thankful.

Julie P

Corpus Christi, TX

Others will be sharing their own stories on an on-going basis.  Please send your personal story to DrHellen@DrHellenGreenblatt.info or through the contact form.  Thank you!