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Infections and Inflammatory Immune Responses

| Posted by in Immune Homeostasis (Immune Balance) | Infections and Inflammatory Responses

This morning I had a note from a client that said:
“I hope you can help me fight off the fungal, bacteria and EBV in me.”

Part of my response was: No I cannot. Neither I, nor anyone else, can help your body fight infections-
that is the job of an optimized immune system which you have to achieve yourself.

The key is to re-educate your body to learn to balance its inflammatory immune responses. One has to generate enough of an inflammatory response to destroy pathogens, but not so much as to cause the numerous health issues with which you are dealing.

Immune homeostasis, immune balance, is the only way our body defends itself against infection. Even if we are infected, the body is more able to resolve the infection if the immune system is functioning optimally.

Take the following steps to help your body return to immune homeostasis. Once you are in homeostasis your body will figure it out.

  • Incorporate physical activity into your daily life (burn off about 150 calories/day, or consume at least 150 fewer calories a day if you have a weight problem).
  • Eat nutritious meals and emphasize plenty of darkly pigmented vegetables and fruits (especially berries).
  • Get moderate amounts of sun and PLENTY of fresh air
  • Supplement your diet with vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Consume 1-2 daily servings of hyperimmune egg

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