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If a therapy is not harmful, why not experiment with it? Why not try it?
Especially if conventional medicine doesn’t have anything great to offer.
The greater the potential a treatment has to cause harm, the stricter
the standards of evidence it should be held to [in terms of] efficacy.
– Andrew Weil, M.D.

For energy, stress, immune, digestive, joint, and cardiovascular health.

Hyperimmune proteins contain a cocktail of large and small immune factors that help the body balance immune function and regulate inflammatory responses.The technology is protected by multiple patents. Hyperimmune egg has been cited in the current Prescribers’ Digital Reference.


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Use hyperimmune protein prior and post-workouts and competitions, to shorten recovery times and enhance performance.


Hyperimmune egg (was NSF Certified for Sport®). Athletes rave about this all-natural egg protein which was proven in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled university study, to result in dramatic decrease in next-day muscle soreness, along with:

  • 20% faster recovery
  • 16% increase in endurance
  • 9% increase in sprinting (anaerobic) power
  • 6% – 9% decrease in exercising heart rate
  • 3% increase in upper body muscular strength
  • Rapid and enhanced muscle repair
  • More muscular power with less effort
University Studies on Enhanced Recovery and Sports Performance:
Radio Interview Trinidad and Tobago 2020: